Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Week 1: Getting the feeling of blogging

Creating a blog can be a bit confusing if it is something new. It requires time, concentration, and be able to follow instructions. Thankfully, the links shared in wiki and in the online class were clear. Not too much, not too little.

Now the next step, which will new for me, is the use of the different tabs that could be used in a blog! I saw that Davor is using mood tab. Nice idea! How can you do that? Once you get the hang of it, blogging can be fun and be a space of deep reflection.


  1. I figure out how to add the Reaction poll! Go to DESIGN > Blog Post > Edit and you will see a list of things to check. There you can check the Reaction option and even write more options.

    1. Dear Melissa,

      In the very beginning, it was so confusing for me to create the blog, too. But as the time went by, I have understood it. I also like Davor's mood tab. It is so great. Thank you for putting the explanations how to design the Reaction option.
      I look forward to share all knowledge and experience, which we will gain during the fantastic course, with you and other classmates.

      Everything the best.

  2. Hi Melissa, what a true teacher! You just created a blog and now you are teaching us what more can be done it! Brava!