Friday, 16 March 2012

Week 10: wrapping up

This week we tried an online survey called LoTi. Digital Age Framework offers a way to evaluate how technology is being integrated into the classroom. This made me realise many items that I could continue doing regarding technology and education. For me, there are still a lot of things ahead to do.

To sum up, I wanted to share that the tools I really had fun using and trying out were the search engine of, webquest using , preparing blogs and nice tips for interactive Power Points I did not consider before. Useful they are to have all the instructions of projects to be done and give space to be done in the students free time and their own pace. Of course giving deadlines to submit certain things.

I would not suggest to add more, since these are good baby steps for someone like me :) I had fun reading my classmates' blogs and nicenet comments.
Oh maybe I would suggest to have students prepare a nicenet class or a wiki? Maybe as extra ponts? I really liked those exercises the course gave as extra points by doing practical use of webtools.
I still need to learn that.